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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This last weekend I dug in and got all my fall decorating done -- well, early fall that is. The turkeys will have to wait a few weeks before coming out of hiding.

Most of the decorating is in the dining room. I tried to keep things simple this year. I love this olden sewing machine cabinet drawer and I use it a lot in table tops -- I thought it perfect for holding my favorite little boo pumpkins and a candle of course.

My sideboard got a fallen makeover too. I used a recent GW find -- a vintage leather Samsonite suitcase, lined with some fall fabric and loaded up with sideboard goodies -- chargers, a basket of fall napkins, some leafy napkin rings atop a stack of leafy plates, a stack of fall colored individual-sized wavy bakers just ready for warming gratins and casseroles, and an extra candle. I am just loving the colors there!

My hutch has fallen too -- quilted pumpkins adorn the extra chairs. I learned a valuable lesson a long time ago about putting real pumpkins on the furniture -- one day they can look fine and the next when you are not home explode and leave a goo all over your furniture that works better than any commercial stripper! I now keep to the faux variety on furniture.

And a thought to leave you with this lovely autumn day .......

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  1. Lisa Grace said...:

    What a GORGEOUS home you have!! I love all the harvest decor :) My favorite is that you used a beautiful old drawer on the table ... and I'm totally jealous of your vintage suitcase, although even if I had it I doubt I would have been so awesomely creative. Enjoy the festive atmosphere!

  1. Hi,
    this is my first time to visit.
    That old sewing machine drawer brings back memories.........neat use for it
    looks great with all those lil white pumpkins, don't you just love these lil pumpkins, they are so cute.
    Mine are white with yellow and orange stipes, so unique to!
    Loved the shot of your dining area with the hutch and all the baskets hanging. Glad you mentioned that about the pumpkin exploding cause I was thinking maybe I should put something underneath mind like a paper leaf, but now think I might
    make it a saucer or something else.
    New they could ooze but never thought of them exploding!
    Very cute use for the vintage suitcase as well. I have 3 of those that I store my Fall decorations in, so I need to paint those babies and drag them in!! lol
    Fall Blessings to you!

  1. Denise said...:

    Love your decor!It was a pleasure visiting you and your home.Blessings to you- Denise

  1. It all looks so charming and welcoming! blessings,Kathleen

  1. Wonderful decorations! I love that old sewing machine drawer and how cute it looks with the pumpkins. :)

  1. Looks beautiful! I knew pumpkins exploded, but thankfully have never had any explode in our house. Have had them explode outside on the porch! Growing up in Queens, NY, my mother always put a pumpkin on our front porch. We lived in a beautiful 100 year old house that had a wrap-around porch, it was the parsonage of the church my father pastored. A few years in a row, the pumpkin would disappear from our front porch. Finally, after getting frustrated but still wanting to put a pumpkin out on this beautiful porch, my mother would chain the pumpkin to the antique milk can she would set it on. Only in the city, right? Beautiful pictures!! I enjoyed seeing how you decorate. Enjoy your day.

  1. Your home looks perfect wrapped in the decor of this season! I know what you mean about pumpkins... I have a permanent mark in the corner of my dining room floor. Ugh.

  1. Love your fall home decor. Gorgeous home.

  1. Gina said...:

    So many pretty Fall touches! I love the old suitcase idea...very clever & it looks wonderful.

  1. Wow everything looks great!!

    Jocelyn @

  1. Babs said...:

    I enjoyed looking at all your fun Fall touches. OMGosh, the Samsonite suitcase reminds me of a set I got when I graduated from high school... eons ago. Yikes! Great tips about real pumpkins. Just yesterday I noticed one of my gourds was starting to mold on the dough bowl. Ick.
    Thnks for visiting and I'm a new follower.

  1. Looks like you're ready for fall Gail! Love the little white boo pumpkins:@)

  1. Mandy said...:

    Gail, love the suitcase idea...v e r y cool! Congrats on your new wicker porch furniture too by the way,

  1. Gorgeous. LOVE, absolutely love the suitcase decorated...I did something similar to that last year. Everything is looking beautiful.

  1. Hi Gail,
    It's so nice that you stopped by and left your sweet comment about my teacup. I love that sewing drawer. How lovely it is with the glass knob. Your pumpkins are all so cute. I love the wee ones too. Thanks for coming by and do stop by again soon. Would love to have you.


  1. Hi Gail...

    I love, love, LOVE IT all, my friend! Your home just looks sooo pretty all dressed for autumn! I just adore the pretty sewing drawer filled with your little Boo pumpkins! It works perfectly for your table centerpiece! I just loved getting a peek around...soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely autumn home with us, my friend!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  1. Oh my word, I am totally impressed. Wow, such beautiful antiques and all of your decor is perfect. So creative. Love the drawer and the table runner too. How fun. I could walk through your home and enjoy everything. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  1. Great idea using the sewing machine drawer...and with my favorite boo pumpkins. Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  1. Love the old sewing cabinet drawer stuffed full of Fall goodies! Your home looks lovely! Thanks for visiting Cottage and Creek and have a lovely day.

  1. Love the open suitcase idea!! I must get some of those white pumpkins...they look great in your fallen arrangements!!!

  1. Marianne said...:

    Your home is just beautiful. I love your old sewing machine drawer. We had the old sewing machine in my childhood home basement until my mom sold the house. I loved that thing. It looks so pretty with the little white pumpkins. Everything in your home looks so cozy and inviting.
    Mariannne :)

  1. Love your fall decorating. Pat

  1. Love that old sewing cabinet drawer and that luggage (I guess I should...I have one too)...great displays!!!


  1. Anita said...:

    Gail, I love the sewing machine drawer!! Love all your fall touches, and the runner especially. It looks so inviting. Thanks for stopping by!! We are really getting some beautiful fall weather these day, and colder this weekend. Take care!

  1. Honey at 2805 said...:

    I adore the old sewing machine drawer and would love to have one.

    The vintage suitcase is wonerful the way you have it filled! I have one exactly like it which I just traded my sister for my daddy's old tool box. (Hummm, I have the tool box but she doesn't yet have the suitcase...) I will need to give her a link to this post so she can see what you've done!

    All of your Fall touches have added a warm, coziness to your lovely home.

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday. I really appreciate your partcipion!

  1. Nook & Cranny said...:

    Love the use of the drawer. I have a few and use them often in decorating as well.
    So love the vintage suitcase filled with fall items. Who doesn't love a suitcase to decorate with??
    Thanks for sharing.

  1. Ellen said...:

    How very festive it all looks. What anice find getting that suitcase.

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