Goodbye Old Friend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012
I have been doing some down-sizing. Actually a lot of down-sizing. The divorce meant a smaller house and still lots of BIG furnishings....and a garage FULL of STUFF. I've done a great job of reducing the stuff. It feels great to have a lighter load - in every way possible. Honestly, some things were easy to part with and some things a little harder.

The LAST of the BIG things I wanted to have gone was my antique upright grand piano.
I do want to say that I love this piano - it is beautiful and I have enjoyed having in my home all this time BUT it isn't too practical in a small home and I don't play and daughter had no interest in taking it with her - that meant finding it a new home. No easy feat. Actually, I was recently told it would be impossible -- "no one wants those old things" was what I was told. I talked to a guy who had come to pick up an old wood burning stove from the garage for scrap and he said he'd take the piano. I couldn't do it. I told him I'd call if I changed my mind but there had to be someone who would want and love this old beauty as much as I have. Maybe they would have little girls who wanted to take lessons. I have no issue with little boys playing piano but this one was bought for my daughter to play and it came from a home where the daughter played -- just seemed like it needed to go to a little girl. I began praying......then I listed it on Craigslist.
I got lots of groovy spam-like responses and then the one I had been waiting for. A young woman was looking for a piano for her daughters (3 of them). She came over the next week-end and loved the piano. Her eyes lit up when she saw it and told me she was excited to decorate it for CHRISTmas...... I knew it was a perfect fit - THANK-YOU LORD!
Today is the day it gets moved from my home to hers. I am sad to see the piano go but will smile each time I think of those sweet little girls playing it. I feel blessed in every way....and I think the new owner feels the same way!
The movers showed up at 7AM and made short work of what seemed like a monumental task.
Goodbye old friend ... I will miss you but am so very thrilled for you too. Enjoy your new little girlies!


  1. Balisha said...:

    We had an old piano that was a big part of our family history. Memories of Grandma and Mom singing hymns on Sunday afternoons come to mind. When my parents downsized the piano had to go. Dad called our Church and got the word out that they had a piano that needed a home. A Church in a nearby town took it and I believe they have it to this day. It's hard to part with something that is such a big part of your past, but things happen that make it so.Thankfully you found a good home for it and the kids will be thrilled.

  1. This post "Breaks my heart AND makes me smile too"!!! I am so happy it's going to a new home that will enjoy it... I "WANT" an old piano! I would have LOVED to have had it! All my family plays and we are PIANOLESS "AT the moment". I did think I would HUNT OUT a PLAYER PIANO to get the MOST out of it...
    I saw a site online that makes computer hutches out of OLD PIANOS. They are GORGEOUS! But as a piano player I found it a bit disturbing too!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week,

  1. Bittersweet.... I too own a piano. My sisters and I learned to play on an old upright piano also. Sounds like it has gone to a good home and will enjoy making music for years to come.
    blessings to you.

  1. OH it's sad to see a precious item go away. However, I'm so glad that it is going to a good home where it will be loved just as much asyou have loved this piece!!!! ;) :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  1. Kat Land said...:

    I actually cried from reading your post! Yes, sad and also sweet that those precious little girls will be sitting on that bench with their little feet dangling learning chords and little 3-note songs!
    We had one similar in our home growing up and my w sisters and I somewhat learned to play. It now lives at my youngest sister's home!
    Thanks for sharing your heart!
    Change is inevitable! Sometimes painful. Thank God for His Amazing Grace!

  1. Why do I have tears in my eyes? The piano is gorgeous and you have decorated it beautifully over the years. I'm happy to hear it will go to a home with 3 little girls to enjoy.

  1. I went through the same thing when I divorced; goodbye to the piano and a few other things. But in the long run, I don't miss it. I'm happy for the memories but she's being enjoyed by some other little kiddies now.

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    I am so glad it worked out Gail. Three more girls is a blessing. CC's piano just fit into a spot at our yellow house and she took piano for two more years in college so it was well worth moving it a third time.

  1. Carol said...:

    The piano is beautiful, and I am glad you found the perfect home for it.
    Isn't getting rid of stuff/downsizing a wonderful and freeing feeling, once you start doing it? A simpler life is so freeing, and to me, brings a lot of pleasure and joy.

  1. linda said...:

    Indeed your heart is full! I'm a little teary but with joy; you have learned to wait on the Lord and listen to His still small voice. Now the piano's new home will be filled with Glorious music and smiles.

  1. linda said...:

    Indeed your heart is full! You learned to wait and listen to His small still voice. Now the piano's new home will be filled with Glorious music! I'm filled with tears of joy.

  1. Gail, it is such a beauty! What is wrong with people? I'd much rather have a beauty like that than to have a new piano. I'm so glad you were able to find her a good new home. Good luck with your move. laurie

  1. Aw, I'm so glad you found a good home for it! It's a beautiful piano and I'm sure it will be cherished:@)

  1. What a sweet story and happy ending! I can just picture the girlies playing their new piano and the smiles that will be on their faces.

  1. acorn hollow said...:

    how wonderful it will have a family to play and love it.

  1. Debbie said...:

    Love this whole story. We had one very similar growing up. I never played. It was actually purchased for my brother. My mom held on to it for years but just like you actually found a "home" for it.

    I'm so glad you did, and won't it be lovely in their home for Christmas?!?

  1. Linda Stubbs said...: is hard when life changes as we know it. Glad it will be loved!
    Hugs sweet friend, me

  1. Joy Tilton said...:

    Loved reading this, brought back some happy memories of when our girls were home and played the piano. It was hard to say goodbye to ours too. Life is all about change and you have settled your mind to onward and upward... good for you!

  1. Downsizing is hard but it is so liberating! We have downsized a few times but never as much as right now! It takes time and, I find, has to be done in steps. Sometimes the idea of letting something go has to sink in before I'm able to find a precious object a new home.

  1. odessa_cat said...:

    Just curious, was it a Gulbranson?

  1. No, an 1882 Epworth. Thanks for asking!

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