Monday, June 11, 2012
Do you remember me saying last winter that my favorite tree had been damaged in our last snow storm? As a rule, trees don't fair well on the prairie.
That prompted a visit from the *tree guy*. He said he would be able to trim and save this tree.
BUT he recommended the removal of 4 others.
That was such sad news to me.
I love these old trees.
BUT they were at the point of being dangerous.....and my yard gets little to no direct sunlight.
Things change -- better to have them removed before they come down on the house.
Looking to the brightside -- less leaves to rake in the fall AND no more picking up dead branches after every storm or blowing of the wind.
So after a day of downing and then stump grinding......
I am left with my pine AND one trimmed up old friend -- and the rest are a memory....
AND I've planted SUNFLOWERS because now the sun can reach them.

Things change -- change can be good!


  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    Having trees removed is always painful in more ways than one. It costs so much and it is a loss in itself. We need many pines removed and cannot afford to have them taken down. Joe has bought a chain saw for the little ones but he has no time for that.

  1. Sweet Tea said...:

    You do a good job of finding the bright side to something you actually might find quite dismal. Good for you. Safety first, so you know you did the right thing.

  1. Willow said...:

    When we moved here we had a few trees, but they were also close to our house and we had to cut them down too. We wanted to save them, but they had somekind of disease and it was only a matter of time before they fell.

  1. Oh that is so sad the trees had to come down. :-( I'm glad you found something else you could plant that put a smile back on your face.

  1. I am sorry when trees have to come down...but safety is always important.....and change can be good...

  1. I've always loved trees and hated to lose them, too! But things do change...I live in Florida now and don't even have a tree right in my yard! There are some bordering the golf course that I can enjoy though! Sometimes it's good that they are not right over the house!

  1. kitty said...:

    Yes, change can be good and sunflowers are so cheerful!! They'll make you happy just looking at them.

  1. Kit said...:

    So sad to lose your trees, but like you said, now you can grow other things. Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a great week! Kit

  1. ♥ Sonny ♥ said...:

    I had to have 3 huge beautiful trees taken out of my front yard .. such a sad day but it had to be done for several reasons.
    I too have more light in my front rooms and will be adding trees I can keep smaller.

    You are so right, things change and we must make the best of it and find the silver lining..

  1. I would miss the trees too. I love them but better you are safe in storms. You can plant some new ones and maybe fruit trees too.

  1. I know it's sad to see them go and even looks odd at first. I had mine taken down too, but now I don't miss it at all, and I know I won't miss it in the fall! Enjoy the sunflowers:@)

  1. Danielle said...:

    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello!!! I look forward to visiting here often!!

  1. you have a great attitude about losing the trees. I hope the sunflowers are as happy where they are planted as you are about rationalizing the loss of your trees. laurie

  1. Lady Farmer said...:

    So sorry you've lost some old friends! We lost many this past winter, too, including some old fruit trees.
    Trees can be replanted so it is best to be safe and remove the dangerous ones.

  1. Monica said...:

    Awww too bad about the trees. But you are right ... change is good, and just think of the possiblities now that you have more sunlight coming into your yard. And thanks for stopping by my blog, I love having new visitors :)

  1. I'm sorry about the trees...but it's a good thing it's taken care of now, before they damaged the house. We have about 12 trees in our backyard...all really tall...and that's something I pray over...literally, that they'll stay strong and healthy and won't fall on the house ;) :)

    Oh, I did get my package today from UPS. Thank You :) :) :)It's really sweet. I love it a lot :) :) I posted some pics on my FAcebook page and will blog about it soon :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :)

  1. I'm mourning with you! :(

  1. Gail, I love your SUNNY positive attitude! I hope to see pictures of your sunflowers!
    Thanks for your kind words about my new linky Tutorials Tip and Tidbits!

  1. I recall feeling the same when we had five mature white pine trees taken down. But I don't miss the sap and needles all over my vehicle. I look forward to seeing the beautiful sunflowers.

  1. Suffia said...:

    I feel sorry about the trees. I hope those lovely sunflowers will brighten your day.

  1. Debbie said...:

    What a timely post for me to read this morning!! My husband just got a job change that has him (and me) bummed. It's not a bad change by company/career standards, but he would have preferred it to have stayed the same.

    I love the plant a sunflower attitude of this post, and it goes right along with my theme for the year.


  1. bj said...:

    Your yard looks great..I want to plant sunflowers, too. Gotta find a sunny spot, tho.
    Yep, I agree that change CAN be a good thing.

  1. Hi Gail,
    I've got at least 2 trees that should probably come down but it's so expensive to have them removed! We've already taken down 3 trees on the property and still don't get a lot of direct sunlight. So I plant a lot of hostas, ferns, and impatiens. Our one sunny corner houses the veggie garden. Glad you were able to plant sunflowers. They're so pretty.

  1. Oh... Look at this way! Sunflowers!! Haha. Just think of creative and imaginative ways of how you can fill their spot again? Think shrubs, garden rocks, that type of stuff. Besides, you could always re-plant.

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Removal Charlotte

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