Old Man Winter & Undergarments!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I said last week that winter has gotten lost on it's way to Nebraska -- now I am beginning to wonder if Old Man Winter plans to show up at all. We are having another gorgeous day here (temperatures in the 60's). The newspaper reported that these temperatures could cause some premature blooming of some plants -- Ya Think? I am thinking that OMW needs to just show up and get the worst over with already.

So I was looking thru some images and came across this wonderful advertisement from 1934. My first thought was WHO wears slips (especially FULL slips) these days? A few years ago I took a part-time position for a few months at JCPenney. I was assigned to the Intimates Department. Not so sure it was a good match. We didn't even carry slips in that location although they were available thru the catalog. Now remember, I am 51. I surely remember wearing slips - we wore dresses and skirts to school everyday until 5th grade when FINALLY they mandated that we could wear slacks on Fridays. My Mom would have been in a state of shock if I hadn't worn a slip. After all, we played kickball and dodgeball and all those elementary games -- how could we have been modest without a SLIP, lol. Anyway, I'm getting ready to head down a rabbit trail here - back to slips, IF you've ever worn one, you are pretty aware that they aren't much protection against winter weather as this ad leads you to believe. Some Cuddle Duds maybe, longjohns for sure, but not a slip. Since we are chatting about underclothing I thought I'd also ask what is the obsession with compression garments and shapeware -- you know, Spanx and the such? Again, consider my age, my aunties (they are 8 & 10 years older than I am) always wore GIRDLES -- Didn't we burn our girdles in the 70's? I was always taken aback by these young girlies coming in and purchasing girdles....I mean compression garments, lol. Frankly, I probably could benefit from such garments (especially after a large weight loss) but I flat-out refuse on principle. Yeah, that is the story I'm sticking to :)

Well, winter should get here or maybe my grandson should -- something to occupy my thoughts so I can stop thinking about underwear!


  1. nannykim said...:

    Well, gotta tell ya....I actually wore a full length slip the other day. I wasn't even sure I still had one. I was going to wear an outfit that always seemed to cling to me due to static. I found the slip and it prevented the clinging. I felt very old fashioned lol.

  1. Terra said...:

    This is a cute post; yes, I still have some slips in my bureau. We are still waiting for Old Man Winter here too, in California. We would love some rain to help future gardens.

  1. I still have both full and half slips, though I don't know when I last wore a full one. My daughter is six, though, and it's been really hard trying to find a nice slip for her - and she would love the old can-can or even a plain full one. While I'm not into the squeezy kind, I do want her to be modest!

  1. Lady Farmer said...:

    Boy! Am I out of the loop or what? I have slips, long and half, and wear them every Sunday with my skirt or dress to church. I don't wear them for warmth, although at this stage of the game they do add a degree or two or three to the telltale 'flashes'.:D I wear them to prevent 'see thru' of my garments. It drives me crazy to see gals in dresses that, when standing in the light, one can see more than they wanted to. While I'm at it, I might as well confess to still wearing 'panty hose' also!
    I really dislike the look of my legs (neon white!) without them and they do act a bit like a compression garment! My grandma wore a girdle to support her back, under dresses or pants, until the day she died ~ at 94! I've been thinkin' on that one! NOT! I'll probably go home wearing my comfy old jeans!


  1. Pam said...:

    I feel the same way about Spanx! Fancy way to sell girdles to young girls who have no clue they are buying one. I was in second grade when we were finally able to wear pants to school, but not jeans, they had to be pant suits (which were all the rage at the time).

  1. Nezzy said...:

    Oh girl, head south...it was a whoppin 12 degrees yesterday mornin' and 22 this mornin' here in these hills and hollers.

    I bet winter will come and you'll be wishin' for the warm sooner than you can imagine.

    Yep, I remember the slip...Mom would let me put slacks on under the dress to wait for the bus. It got cold and I had to walk a ways.

    Mom bought me a girdle to hold my hose up. Before pantyhose ya know!

    Fun post here sweetie.

    God bless and have yourself a fantastic New Year!!! :o)

  1. I had a friend who was looking for a slip for her six year old...I asked "Do they even make slips anymore?" I am 56 and I do remember that you always wore a slip with your dress. What if you had an accident and the nurses in the Emergency Room saw that you were not wearing a slip? I am sure they keep a record of such things!:) And yes...I am a fan of Spanx..the new girdle. It hides a multitude of sins. Here in the South it has been so warm that daffodils are blooming in January! What a wacky world we live in!

  1. I haven't worn a dress or skirt in over 15 years! Still have a half slip or two in my drawer though, just in case...:@)

  1. Patty Sumner said...:

    I remember those "slip" days......
    Boy have things change. Winter is slow visiting here too. Temps have been way above average. Compression garment.....I guess I could use a good push and tuck in some areas...lol.. Blessings and thanks for the lighthearted fun.

  1. I finally did away with all slips, pantyhose and spanx etc like garments. I'm done and now it's comfort all the way...at 61 I'm allowed! hugs, Linda

  1. Lynn said...:

    Such a fun post, Gail. I have a few slips for emergencies but I'm with you on not wearing "compression garments" - Yuck! On the other hand, I LOVE Cuddleduds and silk undershirts from LLBean. I've found a few at the thrift store and they're great! We hardly have any snow either. I kind of miss it but am thankful I'm not out shoveling or trying to start my dad's old snowblower that's waiting in the garage.

  1. Deb said...:

    Oh my! If you had written this post before Christmas, I could have sent out a call for my size in everyone's half-slip discards! LOL! I was in the market for half slips....there are no places really that sell them these days...at least the section in Kohl's is slim pickings! I guess because most folks wear pants. I wear a half-slip every day of my life and have for years and years. I finally found them at JC Penney online and ordered FOUR while the getting was good! :) I hope they arrive soon! Interesting post!

  1. Lynnie said...:

    I don't own a slip. I once did, but think I have since thrown them out for nonuse. You know that rule.. if you haven't used it in a year (or 5) throw it out. LOL. And yeh.. spanxs..no thanks.

    I GOT THE BELOVED BOX TONIGHT! I had looked today when the mail came.. but no box. So when Henry went to open the gate for his girlfriend to leave there it was on the fence in a plastic bag!! Thanks so much. This was a most generous giveaway! LOVE It all. Do you mind to tell me where you got that Chicken fabric? I have a special chicken quilt I am working on and those fabrics would be a fine addition! Blessings to you, may you be returned many times over the joy you share with so many!

  1. I grew up wearing slips too. Funny how they are phased out of our wardrobes now. I've seen a few girls who would have used one lately. I still wear them with my skirts to prevent static cling. And I'm definitely on board with you for the girdles, spanx, etc. I can't walk around that bound up all day! lol
    Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  1. I think we had the warmest December on record here in Milwaukee. I couldn't even tell you the last time I had on a slip! Most skirts seem to be lined these days, thankfully :)

  1. I still have a couple of slips hidden away, but I'm like Linda @ A La Carte, it's all comfort for me! LOL

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