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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Things change -- even at Faithfulness Farm. I thought I'd point out a some of my recent changes.

Firstly, I PIN. I've been enjoying all the inspiration at Pinterest. Check out my Pins. Another addition, I have FINALLY added the email feature -- if you would like Faithfulness Farm posts delivered directly to your email address, simply sign up. I also wanted to point out my *About Me* profile here at Faithfulness Farms. It tells of some big happenings in my life and around Faithfulness Farm. I also wanted to mention that starting the first day of Autumn (my favoritest season of ALL), my new ETSY shop will open for business. Look for that!

Lastly, I thought I'd leave you with this thought.....

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." -author unknown

photo credit: Shane Rucker


  1. Pinning......enough said!!

  1. Lynnie said...:

    I started pinning a month or so ago too! It is somewhat addictive. I have actually done a few things that I pinned in my TO DO Pin!!! Looking forward to stepping into your shop. I am hoping to get mine opened soon too! Have a great week!

  1. Shug said...:

    Guess I had better get with it and start pinning. Love the thought today...and I love buterflies.
    hugs to ya

  1. Mecky said...:

    I will have to check out your pin.
    Ohhh, an Etsy shop! I am just now getting into checking them out! I have even ordered something. Sadly, alot of things I like our so over priced that I don't bother. Am I the only one who thinks so or is it that things are just cheaper in my area? Or is it that I am just cheap?

  1. Unknown said...:

    Gail, God will provide strength and contentment in this season of life that you didn't know you could have. Been there. Stay positive. Love your blog and just signed up to follow by email

  1. Oh Gail! I just read it. I'm so sorry. I had no idea things were changing like that. Tough changes. But you are strong and I know you will be even better than you were before. Sending you hugs. 2011 has been a big year of change for us too, jobwise. Congrats on the grandbaby on the way!! And I'm looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop in the fall.
    (PS I have just started to learn about pinning. I think it's a great idea and fun way to keep all one's favorite ideas in one place.)

  1. Gail, I love all the changes to Faithfulness Farm! Change is good! And all of your change are too!

  1. Debbie said...:

    I read with a variety of emotion your "About Me". I guess I know what is was that I was privileged to pray you through earlier in the year. Big hugs to you...

    I'm so excited for you about the new grandbaby and fully confident that this new season will be a beautiful one! Looking forward to many more wonderful posts from Faithfulness Farm.

  1. Wonderful changes. Yeah Gail!!

  1. Carra said...:

    Love all the changes!!!
    Hey I just wanted to let you know I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog " A Shade Different" and thought you might want to come see! Its worth $55. :)

  1. Olive Cooper said...:

    How exciting to have an Etsy shop. More so a grandchild! I never thought I would be divorced either but after 22 years of marriage I was and then I was completely surprised by Joe and am happier than ever. I say all that just to encourage you that the path may seem twisted but in the end it can be a blessing. hugs♥O

  1. Carol said...:

    Pinning - took a quick look and was overwhelmed! Maybe someday.
    Your summer tomato tart looked fantastic!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    My prayers for you, change is sometimes hard.
    Congrats on the new gchild 2 be. It is the most wonderful gift!
    I can't pin, I think you have to do Facebook, and I don't feel safe with that. Have some friends who had bad experiences.

  1. bj said...:

    Change is good...especially when it involves the opening of a new Etsy Shop..woo hooness..
    Will sure be watching for that> :))
    I have been pinning, too,...fun fun
    HUGS, bj

  1. Love pinning! It is fun and while I'm new to it I'm creating quite some boards for myself! I will check out your pins for sure!


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