Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This subject is a bit of a departure from my normal subject matters although it certainly falls into the catagory of FRUGAL or HOMEMADE which is always me. A few weeks ago I was reading Kim's Marmee's Pantry blog. Kim writes a lot about natural and homemade products. She is a wealth of knowledge on these subjects. Her post on eye make-up removal got my full attention -- expecially when I read *we should NOT use oily eye make-up removers b/c they leave a little bit of oil on your eyes w/every swipe. And, after a while, the only way to truly clean it off is w/eye surgery*. YIKES!! That hit home -- I've used baby oil to remove eye makeup FOREVAH. Well, that had to stop and stop that very day!! I set out to try the 3 listed homemade alternatives that Kim suggested. I didn't have the ingredients on hand for #1 or #2 so I skipped to #3 -- *Simply dip a cotton ball in a small saucer of milk (preferably raw) OR yogurt & LIGHTLY work around your closed eyes & eye lashes. ~GENTLY wipe off w/a tissue using your ring finger.* I found this method to be very refreshing and cooling and it did a great job of removing the makeup. Problem is we're not a huge milk family and I don't always have milk available.

On my next trip to the BIG BOX store, I had the ingredients for the other 2 suggestions on my list. After pricing the ingredients for both #1 and #2, I decided to skip straight to #2 and only attempt #1 if I was unhappy with the results of #2. Well, I will have to believe Kim that #1 is effective, I LOVE #2 and do not plan to look further or go back to any other method used over the years.

#2 Eye Make-Up Remover

1 part gentle, unscented baby shampoo
10 parts water
~Mix together in a clean bottle (a clean, used one is fine)
~Shake before using
~Using a cotton ball or cotton pad, LIGHTLY apply & LIGHTLY work around your closed eyes & eye lashes
~GENTLY wipe off w/a tissue

After this great success I plan to try Kim's formulas for Homemade Eye Serums & Gels . THANKS Kim -- from me and my BROWN eyes!!

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