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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This subject is a bit of a departure from my normal subject matters although it certainly falls into the catagory of FRUGAL or HOMEMADE which is always me. A few weeks ago I was reading Kim's Marmee's Pantry blog. Kim writes a lot about natural and homemade products. She is a wealth of knowledge on these subjects. Her post on eye make-up removal got my full attention -- expecially when I read *we should NOT use oily eye make-up removers b/c they leave a little bit of oil on your eyes w/every swipe. And, after a while, the only way to truly clean it off is w/eye surgery*. YIKES!! That hit home -- I've used baby oil to remove eye makeup FOREVAH. Well, that had to stop and stop that very day!! I set out to try the 3 listed homemade alternatives that Kim suggested. I didn't have the ingredients on hand for #1 or #2 so I skipped to #3 -- *Simply dip a cotton ball in a small saucer of milk (preferably raw) OR yogurt & LIGHTLY work around your closed eyes & eye lashes. ~GENTLY wipe off w/a tissue using your ring finger.* I found this method to be very refreshing and cooling and it did a great job of removing the makeup. Problem is we're not a huge milk family and I don't always have milk available.

On my next trip to the BIG BOX store, I had the ingredients for the other 2 suggestions on my list. After pricing the ingredients for both #1 and #2, I decided to skip straight to #2 and only attempt #1 if I was unhappy with the results of #2. Well, I will have to believe Kim that #1 is effective, I LOVE #2 and do not plan to look further or go back to any other method used over the years.

#2 Eye Make-Up Remover

1 part gentle, unscented baby shampoo
10 parts water
~Mix together in a clean bottle (a clean, used one is fine)
~Shake before using
~Using a cotton ball or cotton pad, LIGHTLY apply & LIGHTLY work around your closed eyes & eye lashes
~GENTLY wipe off w/a tissue

After this great success I plan to try Kim's formulas for Homemade Eye Serums & Gels . THANKS Kim -- from me and my BROWN eyes!!

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  1. acorn hollow said...:

    intersting I have used ponds for years. we are a milk family so I will give that a try

  1. I like Garnier oil free wipes but I am sure I could save money using the milk or the baby shampoo. Thanks for the tips!


  1. Shug said...:

    Have not ever heard of this before...very interesting....I have a little ritual that I go through using clinic products. I'm sure that the milk would be a whole lot less expensive..

  1. Debbie said...:

    A woman told me about the oil and the baby shampoo alternative years ago. (As in... back before my now 19 year old daughter was born. Wow.) She had heard it from a doctor. Since that time, I have not used an oily remover. I also love that I use beauty tubes mascara these days so actually, that comes off with just water anyway.

    Now, I'm dying to check out the serums. THAT is an area where I have priced and and then walked away because I'm a cheapskate.

    Thanks for that link. Clinking...

  1. I never gave this a thought and thank you and Kim for "opening our eyes" on the matter! blessings, the way, I just adore your blog!

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