One Eerie Tale (or is that Tail?)

Sunday, October 30, 2011
By way of background for this story I have to tell you about my daily walking/running habits. I walk/run (trying to make it more run than walk - my goal is a marathon each week) here…

and here (only in inclement weather)

BUT my favorite place to walk/run is right in my own neighborhood ……

Now I realize that regularly walking/running at the cemetery may be a bit odd to some (or even most) but I love it.

It is quiet and serene and I rarely run into another soul – I mean person there.

There are maintained paths to walk/run on and for the most part it is just like a country walk. I try to be very respectful of the fact that it is the final resting place for beloved ones.

Last Saturday I still needed to get in 2 miles to complete my marathon for the week so I could take Sunday off. I LOVE taking Sunday off! I planned to get in those miles early in the day but things kept coming up. When I finally took off for the cemetery, I was a bit later than usual, but I was determined to run that 2 miles. I knew I should probably just headed to the Y, but I am trying to get in all the outside time I can before the time changes and it is simply too cold or too dark for me outside in the evenings. So, I knew I was going to be pushing the limits……

I really wasn’t too worried about it though – I already have scoped out 2 different points that the fence has an opening in it that I easily can walk right thru if I ever was locked in and needed to. It does get a little dark after dusk, but I carry a small flashlight with me. I keep to the paths and besides, I had my trusted companion and walking partner, Josey with me.

The run was glorious – the trees spectacularly garbed in their fall attire. It was so peaceful and Jo and I were having a wonderful time.

I was emptying my mind and allowing my body to just enjoy the tempo of the run. We passed the halfway point and I was looking forward to making the final loop that would take me back towards the entrance and the sight of the beautiful sunset. I reached that loop -- the back stretch, which opens up to a large country field and I stopped dead in my tracks. There ahead, standing right in the path was a HUGE gang – maybe 20 of them. I wasn’t sure if they saw me yet and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to proceed. I’ve seen their type before and I wasn’t sure how they would react to me and Josey coming upon them like this.

While I stood there paralyzed, it became obvious that they knew I was there. They started moving in my direction – slowly at first, the larger ones leading the way and then they picked up their pace and were quickly closing in on us. I had to make a quick decision, do I turn around and head back the way I came? Do I attempt to plow right thru them? Or do I do something I have never done before – leave the pathway and run thru the graves? The gate was closest if I took option 2 or 3 and honestly, plowing thru them wasn’t really an option.

Josey and I took off like a flash, dodging headstones and urns and trying to be careful of not actually stepping on graves, but I am sure we failed miserably in that – all the while, they were in hot pursuit.

When we finally dared to step back into the path and I looked behind, I could see them silhouetted in the small amount of light that was left. They were walking back towards where we encountered them. We had escaped – not without having the dickens scared right out of us but we were still in whole condition.

As we made it to the entrance, the city guy was there getting ready to lock the gate. I reported our altercation to him – he told me they had given chase to his truck a few nights before and seems they have decided that back stretch of path is their new turf. I just hate it when the hoodlums take over. I’ve learned my lesson though. There are scary things laying wait for you in the dark – especially in the cemetery. I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Well, I actually dared to go back the very next evening, camera in hand, and found my pursuers congrated in the back field and very so quietly I took their pictures -- they did not see me this time, so there is no harrowing tale (tail) from the second night, lol!

A group of wild turkeys is called a rafter or gang!


  1. Shelley said...:

    Oh how I wish there was a Y here. The foilage is beautiful there.

  1. Great scary story Gail! Good for you getting that much exercise! Happy Halloween:@)

  1. Riviting story! I was glued to my screen and smiled at the end :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wild turkeys have started wandering through our neighborhood in Roseville, CA (Sacramento suburb). We have lived in the same house for over 30 years, but it is only the last few that the turkeys have been showing up. Not long ago I needed to make a turn, but a long stream of birds was crossing the road--right where a crosswalk would normally go.

  1. sayer13 said...:

    I loved this story. I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out who, or what it was. Too Funny! Thanks for making me laugh.

  1. Pam said...:

    That's so funny. At least you didn't trip and fall on a grave. The turkeys better watch out or they will end up on someone's table in a few weeks.

  1. That is too funny. Birds can actually be very menacing. I was once chased down my street, when we lived in Texas, by a roadrunner and he was very angry. I think you must be very brave to run at dusk in a graveyard.

  1. Debbie said...:

    I don't even know where to begin here. First, I love the idea of walking/running a marathon each week. That's a great idea. I'm trying to calculate the miles I cover, and it's far less than that.

    Second, I'm a cemetery lover. I love to read the old stones and imagine their special stories.

    Third? You had me wondering what kind of gang it was. This was great! And frankly, I would be pretty skeeeeered of a gang of wild turkeys.

    I imagine this time of year makes them mighty grumpy.

    Just sayin'...

  1. Ruby Jean said...:

    Okay... So I am reading and holding my breathe at the same time....Saying, " RUN Gail, RUN!!! RUN for your Life.... " then I sigh... Oh it's just a Gang of Wild Turkey's... : ) I do believe after all I just went through in reading this story... I should be the proud owner of one them come this Thanksgiving... : )

  1. Shug said...:

    I was scared to death for you....all I could picture was this evil gang coming after you....Fun story and you really had me going...

  1. Dani said...:

    Great story! I love old cemetaries but like you, always show respect...never saw wild turkeys before...all we have out here is turkey vultures...then again, they are fairly scary creatures..

  1. Kim said...:

    You had me there til the end. I'm glad the gang was just a bunch of turkeys!

  1. Lynnie said...:

    I must agree.. what a riveting story! I loved it til the last drop! So relieved at the end.

    I am inspired by your walking/running. I used to do the same but have completely gotten out of the habit. I need to brush off those Vibrams and get back at it!

    Have a super week!

  1. You got me! I was so enthralled with you running a marathon each week that you drew me in completely! :-)

  1. SanDandy said...:

    My heart was POUNDING......glad it turned out alright!
    I also liked the thought of running a marathon each week.

  1. Great story! Glad it all ended well ;)

  1. Honey at 2805 said...:

    I don't think it's strange at all! Cemetaries are peaceful places, uncrowded (so to speak), pleasant and with scenery. I'm willing to be those resting there are happy for the company. ;)

    Funny, I did a post last week on Recoleta in Buenue Aires where Evita is buried. It got lots of views, but not many comments. Guess it's just to strange of some. Then Sunday the newspaper did an article on her & my hubby wonders if they saw my blog!

  1. linda said...:

    Great suspenseful story! and you even left clues along the way if we were paying attention. Thank you; you made me smile today.

  1. Wow! You had me mesmerized with the story! Glad it had a good ending!

  1. LOL!!! I thought it was a real gang! I need to be walking the way you are!

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